Telescopische en mobiele telescopische tribunes, sport, cultuur
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State of Art Technology - custom made in Belgium

COS tribunes are co-created and custom engineered with the architect and client. All within the valid European standards.

Custom made, external assessment, innovative technology and EN1090 certified production in our factory is resulting in guaranteed top quality.

Telescopic tribunes with rigid chain propulsion

COS engineers, manufactures and installs telescopic tribunes for multipurpose culture halls, education buildings and sports buildings. The propulsion for opening and closing is created by the innovative rigid chain system.

Rigid chain propulssion

The rigid chain system is the propulsion system of today and for the future.



Rigid chain propulsion

Mobile telescopic tribune

Mobile telescopic tribunes are developed by COS for use in multipurpose culture and sport facilities where flexible emplacement is requested. The mobile tribunes are operated and moved manually.

Outdoor tribune TO60

For outdoor events we produce our TO60 tribune with a capacity of 61 seats.



Outdoor tribune

Maintenance & intervention

In addition to performing periodic maintenance at COS Tribunes, our service team can also be used for work on tribunes of other suppliers.

We have the knowledge and skills to maintain each brand tribune and to carry out emergency interventions.


Les Brigittines Brussel

Stad Brussel heeft COS de opdracht gegund voor het ontwerp, productie en installatie van twee nieuwe telescopische tribunes. Een project in een bijzonder object!

De kapel wordt voorzien van een volledig nieuwe tribune met in totaal een capaciteit van 194 zitplaatsen.

De Mezzo zaal wordt voorzien van een nieuwe telescopische tribune met een totale capaciteit van 94 zitplaatsen.
  •  Les Brigittines Brussel - copyright photo Les Brigittines

    Les Brigittines Brussel - copyright photo Les Brigittines

Projects @cos_tribune

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