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Rigid chain propulsion

The rigid chain propulsion system is today’s answer for opening and closing retractable tribunes. Unlike conventional drum motors, the system does not depend on floor traction so the stand opens and closes smoothly every time. A retractable seating system will always be opened and closed in a perfect way.

The chain propulsion system gradually and evenly pushes the rigid chain forward. As a result, each platform moves smoothly into position every time. The ingenuity of the system lies in the fact that due to the force of propulsion the entire structure is extremely stable, allowing the platforms to be positioned in perfectly parallel lines.

The entire system is autonomous and self-supporting and does not come in contact with the floor at any time. As a result, there are never any stability issues, friction problems or unsightly scratches on the floor of the hall.

The perfect propulsion

The system has a central motor at the back of the stand and 2 gear units, one on either side of the motor.

The motor and the gear units are connected by a rigid axle, generating a perfect double lateral propulsion force.

Each of the gear units drives a rigid chain which is connected to the first platform / row of seats.

The rigid chain propulsion on video

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    COS duwkettingaandrijving 1

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    COS duwkettingaandrijving 2

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    COS duwkettingaandrijving 3

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    COS duwkettingaandrijving 4

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