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Our mobile retractable seating systems were specially developed for cultural centres and community centres where flexibility and multi-functionality are of great importance. The seating systems are manually operated and user-friendly. In addition, they are mobile and provide excellent seating comfort for audience. Systems of this kind can be fitted with different types of seating units, including stackable and linkable seats. The tribunes meet the EN13200 Standard.
  •  Grand Theatre Groningen

    Grand Theatre Groningen

Manually operated

The mobile telescopic tribunes are equipped with a lifting system and integrated transport system so that they can easily be moved through the hall by two people.

Individually or linked

The mobile telescopic tribunes can be used individually and linked. Next to each other and also behind each other to realize a great flexibility in use of the hall.

Custom made tribunes

Mobile telescopic tribunes are custom-designed together with architect, client and user to fit the specific cultural needs and function of the hall.

Realisations mobile telescopic tribunes

  •  VGC Boesdaelhoeve

    VGC Boesdaelhoeve

  •  Rabarber Den Haag

    Rabarber Den Haag

  •  Grand Theatre Groningen

    Grand Theatre Groningen

  •  VGC De Linde Haren (Brussel)

    VGC De Linde Haren (Brussel)

  •  Teylingencollege Noordwijkerhout

    Teylingencollege Noordwijkerhout

  •  Visser 't Hooft Lyceum Leiderdorp

    Visser 't Hooft Lyceum Leiderdorp

Cross-connected modular mobile retractable seating systems

The challenges thrown up by several cultural complexes that required a very flexible configuration led to the development of mobile retractable seating systems with 5 rows of seats that can be placed not only as individual units or linked together side-by-side but also connected one in front of each other. In response to this demand, COS designed an innovative lifting system that allowed us to adjust the position of the mobile stand by 1,500 mm. The raised stand is cross-connected with the lower stand and creates a spacious 10-row seating system.

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