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EN1090 Factory Production Control

From 1 July 2014, all steel construction parts with load-bearing properties will be subjected to the EN 1090 standard. From that date on companies who bring steel constructions on the European market must issue a CE declaration on the manufactured products. From then on, steel constructions may no longer be delivered without a CE declaration, issued only by a certified company. It is seen by law as an economic offense to deliver a steel construction that does not have a CE certificate. Telescopic stands are also subjected to this regulation.

EU 305/2011

The legal requirements for steel or aluminum construction components are determined by the European Regulation EU 305/2011, the harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products and the harmonized standards of the EN 1090 series.

COS EN1090 certified

COS nv is EN1090 certified according to the "system 2+" (FPC 2+) to affix the required CE marking to load-bearing steel construction components and to write declaration of performance.

Public register

COS nv has passed the audit by notified body Vinçotte positively and is included in the Vinçotte register: Vinçotte - COS nv - EN1090 certificering

N° FPC certificate: 0026-CPR-0065
N° Welding certificate: 0026-CPR-0065-W
Execution Class: EXC2
Carbon Steel: X
Stainless Steel: -
Aluminium: -
Manufacturer: COS nv
Location: Oudenaarde
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COS nv
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